Street Food Every Traveller Should Try

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  1. Banana cue – Philippines.

Deep-fried and coated in caramelized brown sugar are these bananas skewered on bamboo sticks giving the street food lover a barbecue feel.  This popular item is made from cardaba bananas, an essential variety in their cuisine.

  1. Poutine – Quebec, Canada.

French fries topped with cheese curds and brown gravy – Canada’s ultimate comfort food with its lip-smacking greasiness. This classic originating from the French-speaking province of Quebec is popular among students as a hangover cure.

  1. Takoyaki – Osaka, Japan.

Originating from the Kansai region of Osaka, these golf-ball-sized round treats stuffed deliciously with chopped octopus (tako), tempura, pickled ginger and green onion are a favorite with people of all ages. Wrapped up in dough and fried, the fluffy goodness is then topped with mayonnaise, takoyaki sauce, katsuobushi and some aonori (powdered seaweed).

  1. Currywurst – Berlin, Germany.

Pork sausages that are steamed, fried and cut into slices, these German sausages can put American hot dogs to shame. Seasoned with curry ketchup and curry powder, these go perfectly with beer. If you’re looking for the real deal, head to Berlin’s popular food stand, Curry 36.


  1. Jerk chicken – Kingston, Jamaica.

Hot, spicy, sweet and succulent – the blend of Scotch bonnet peppers, allspice berries, green onions and fresh ginger as marinade ensures so.  Smoked over the fresh green wood of the native pimento tree using smoldering coals beneath, the meat is tender and the sweet notes of the smoke go over the fruity heat of the marinade perfectly. Served with a side of fiery rice and peas, this dish is a must-try.  Visit the Sweetwood Jerk Joint to enjoy this authentic meal in a small and simple shack.

  1. Chicken Rice – Singapore.

Chicken poached in oil and rice cooked in chicken stock – simple but just the best. The moist and juicy chicken of this delightful meal is poached in a gingery broth until perfectly cooked. The same broth is used to simmer the jasmine rice sautéed in garlic and ginger. While the description sounds unremarkable, both these flavors combine to form something truly exquisite. Served with a side of broth, hot sauce, cucumber slices and herbs, this dish is something no traveler should miss while in Singapore.

  1. Khachapuri – Georgia.

Leavened bread shaped like a boat is stuffed with cheese in the middle for the best kind of gooey goodness. The sulguni cheese is mildly brined making it salty and irresistible. Add to the picture runny eggs and you know you won’t be walking past this street food stand.

  1. Bunny Chow – Durban, South Africa.

This street food delicacy of a hollowed out loaf of bread with yummy curry filled inside is not like any other. The inside of the loaf is scooped out and kept to dip into the curry – usually mutton, lamb, chicken or bean. Grated carrots, onion and chili are served at its side.

  1. Panipuri – Indore, India.

A round, hollow puri of sooji is stuffed with mashed potatoes and onions and dunked into flavored water. Each piece is served individually and the vendor dunks and hands it to you immediately to eat before it soggy and leaks through your fingers. It’s definitely tastier than it sounds and will leave you craving for more.

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