Tips To Be A Pro PUBG Player

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  1. Landing and looting is crucial to success.

Military bases, power plants and the major towns bóng đá trực tuyến nhà cái  in the original map Erangel regularly spawn the best weapons and armours to use. Keep in mind that taking too much of your time to choose a landing will prove deadly as every second you spend in the sky could be used by your opponents to gear up, meaning less gear for you. Check out the supply crate drops for AWM sniper rifles as they are insanely powerful but beware of other players who’ll want the same.  The items to loot are assault rifles, backpack, vest and healing items.  

  1. Keep an eye on the map as a lookout and engage only when in close range.

The main reason you’ll need to keep an eye on the map is to ensure you’re within “The Circle” – the safe zone.  As the circle keeps shrinking, this is something you cannot afford to ignore. When you hear gunfire in your vicinity, glance at the map to know its direction and proximity and use shotguns and SMGs for close-range attacks. For mid-range fights, pick assault rifles and pistols. For long-distance pot shots, rifles are the way to go. Remember that while the Tommy Gun is reasonably robust, you’re only giving away your position when you shoot your distant enemy. Always know when to fight and avoid any battles you’re not sure to win.

  1. Communicate and coordinate with your squad.

You need adequate cooperation for choices such as where to land, what to loot, who to target, and how to travel. While attacking as a group is advantageous, maintaining a formation with the right distance from each other is not only strategic but also safe.

  1. Leave no trace behind.

Alerting your enemies to your location is a fatal mistake to make in this game — which means erasing any trace of your presence such as open doors for survival.  You need to be as stealthy as possible.


  1. Be always on the move if you don’t want to be an easy target.

If you don’t want to be an easy headshot, keep moving a little – keep crouching and standing up or wiggle side to side.

  1. Using the terrain to your advantage.

Use terrain covers such as bushes and trees but keep away from the grass.

  1. Medical supply.

Never be short on health items – kits, bandages and painkillers. The bandage takes 4 seconds to place and increases your health by 10. First aid kits take 6 seconds to put and always heal you to 75. The med kit is the only one that can heal you to 100 but will take 8 seconds to place. Keep an eye out for energy cans, painkillers and the adrenaline syringe as well.

  1. Your strategy matters most during the end.

In the last stage of the bóng đá nhà cái game, make sure you target players you see. It’s either that or you’ll be the one who’ll end up the target.  When in the circle, you keep your back against a wall or a rock – don’t leave it open for attack.  If you’re not able to make it on time, make sure to circle the safe zone to mark your targets and their location before entering. The best way to enhance your strategy is to know the map well.

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